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Community Disaster Education

The American Red Cross of Central New Jersey has many materials available for teachers, educators, and presenters to use to help children and families learn how to stay safe and prevent or reduce the effects of disasters or other emergencies.  Some materials come with teacher's guides and lesson plans.


Masters of Disaster

The American Red Cross, with generous support of the Allstate Foundation, has developed a curriculum that not only teaches students about disaster safety, but helps teachers meet their required objectives as well!  We know that teachers have a lot to cover to meet the learning objectives prescribed by their school system.  That's why we've developed the Masters of Disaster curriculum--to help teachers integrate important disaster safety instruction into their regular core subjects such as language arts, math, science, and social studies.  This is not additional material for teachers to work into an already packed school day.  Rather, the Masters of Disaster curriculum, which is aligned with the National Education Standards, supplements the lessons teachers are already teaching.  At the same time it provides students with information to help them prepare for disasters and stay safe during and after a disaster in their home, school, or community.

Kids Writing.How does this work? The Masters of Disaster Curriculum Kit contains ready-to-go lesson plans, activities, and demonstrations on disaster-related topics that teachers can incorporate within core subject areas.  For example, a teacher can show students how to plot latitude and longitude on a map by using the curriculum's lesson on how to track a hurricane, or augment instruction on the water cycle with activities in the lessons on floods.  Or a teacher working with students on word recognition and decoding will choose to use the vocabulary section of the curriculum.

While strengthening students' core academic skills in science, math, social studies, and language arts (including reading, word comprehension, and spelling), the Masters of Disaster curriculum educates them about hazards that cause injury, death, and damage in the United States.  The materials are designed for flexibility, so that teaching teams can integrate hazard-related lessons into the core academic subjects.  The curriculum focuses on:

  • General disaster preparedness
  • Hurricanes
  • Floods
  • Tornadoes
  • Lightning
  • Earthquakes

Facing Fear: Helping Young People Deal With Terrorism and Tragic Events


A curriculum supplement for teachers to help them deal with children's concerns, fears, anger, and feelings when human-caused events occur.  Aligned with national standards in social studies, health, and language arts. Available in four complete sets for teachers of grades K-2, Grades 3-5, Grades 6-8, and Grades 9-12.  Each set of materials consists of a Lesson Plan book for adults and an activities book from which copies can be made for children.

For additional information on Masters of Disasters or Facing Fear, please contact Lee Docherty, Community Disaster Education Administrator at (609) 951-8550.



The following links have additional info. They are in PDF format. Viewing PDF files requires the Acrobat Reader, which you will need to download and install if you don't have it already.

Be Ready 1-2-3
The "Be Ready 1-2-3" materials help young children, ages 4 to 7, learn through activities and demonstrations led by "experts" -- Cool Cat (home fires), Ready Rabbit (winter storms), and Disaster Dog (earthquakes).  These materials include the "Be Ready Book" (English and Spanish), which is designed for children to use as they learn program lessons.  The "Instructor's Manual" provides lesson plans and suggested activities for adults or older youth to use with children and deliver the information in the program.

Fire Safety


Fire Safety House

The fire safety house is a unique training unit used by the American Red Cross of Central New Jersey to teach children how to prevent fires, identify common household hazards, and escape safely from a burning building.  The Fire Safety House is a 32-foot self-contained mobile classroom that provides an interactive learning experience for children.  


Children's Activity Poster (17" x 22").  Designed for younger children (ages 4-8) on one side and older children (ages 8-12) on the other.  The "young children" side consists of four panels on fire safety information.  The "older children" side consists of a maze, word-find, escape plan, and a list of questions and answers about fire safety.  For more Fire Safety materials, also consider Be Ready 1-2-3.

Hurricane Safety

Jason and Robin's Awesome Hurricane Adventure is a 12-page, 4-color workbook for children in 3rd to 6th grade about hurricane facts, hazard avoidance, planning, supplies, and what to do when a Watch and Warning is issued.  In the video, Jason and Robin's Awesome Hurricane Adventure (10 minutes), Jason and Robin explore a hurricane and provide essential preparedness information.  (Works with print brochure by same title.)


Adventures of the Disaster Dudes


Video-based program comes with a Presenter's Guide and a 14-minute video.  The video is designed to be shown in three segments that feature children describing what a disaster really is, information on correct response, and how to create a family disaster plan.



Emergency Supplies for Schools (information on recommended supplies for schools, classrooms, and students) includes instructions on assembling supplies and provides background information, as well as specific listings of suggested items that schools and school children should have.  This list was developed from lists created by the California Senate Select Committee on the Northridge Earthquake, Task Force on Education, and updated October, 2000, by the American Red Cross.



For more information or to order any of the above materials, please call (609) 951-8550.


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